Recheck is a tool for checking production data is correct, inspired by an internal tool at Stripe. You write small checks (similar to tests) to confirm things like: a delayed job has finished with a record, a null got replaced by a third-party API call, a painful bug hasn't recurred, a state machine has reached a completion stage, or any other technical/business rule logic that is difficult to write a db constraint for. Out of the box it can detect and use your model validations, but the real value is in writing your own checks.

Recheck is created by Peter Bhat Harkins, a developer mostly known for being that guy who runs Lobsters. In 2016 I gave a talk on Rails Database Corruption investigating the causes of the invalid data I kept finding at consulting clients. (Spoiler: it's impossible to avoid.) In 2018 I started working at Stripe on Atlas, then optimizing Dashboard Onboarding, then Indie Hackers. I learned about a tool Stripe called "checkers" for finding this kind of data. Recheck is an independent reimplementation of the idea (with permission!) soon to be available to anyone.

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